Our Story


Inspiration often strikes at the most unexpected time. When the pandemic hit in early 2020, the concept of travel quickly evolved. With trips to far-flung locations out of the picture, exploring our own backyard became the only real option. Our founder started to think about what vacations would look like in the near future. As an outdoor enthusiast, he envisioned driving down Route 66 in a VW van, stumbling upon the spontaneous adventures that America has to offer.

While the notion of cruising down scenic byways in a vintage VW was appealing, the reality of an inefficient conversion, frequent mechanical issues, and the likelihood of breaking down on the side of the road was less than ideal.


So the search began. Some companies sold cheaper models, but the design and features were limited and not user-friendly. Other auto shops offered to build out a van you purchase yourself for a pretty penny. And, of course, there are the ultra-premium, luxury vans that cost an arm and a leg. The search for a one-stop shop with efficient, affordable conversion vans came up empty.


With 30+ years of experience in the manufacturing and auto industry, he realized he could build a better product for a lower cost. One night, he got his crew together (the same group of guys he's worked with for years), had a few beers and sketched out some ideas. Armed with feedback from family and friends, the real grind began. Late nights in the warehouse collaborating with his team of technicians, metal workers and carpenters led to hours of trial and error, re-design and insight from self-testers.

Today, Voyager Conversions is excited to bring people well-built and functional vans designed for life out there... all for an affordable price.

So let's go! Adventure awaits.

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